Tuesday, 23 September 2008

The Power of Un

These billboards have appeared at a couple of the railway stations that I regularly use. I think they are quite clever. There is no indication of what they are advertising. The text reads as follows:

With un you can unworry, unravel, unshackle, unload, unbabble or
take off your underpants because nobody wears derpants.
With un there is no stress. Just unstress.
No hassle. Just unhassle. No annoying bits. Just unannoying bits.
Most of all, with un you can undo what you did.
You can undrive through the car wash with the window down.
Or unbreak-dance in front of your teenage sone. And his mates.
Or unflood the downstairs laundry that now doubles as the pool room.
Un makes life relaxing and unreal.
So I say to those inquisitive enough to enquire
"Un your life. Be happy and live for now. Don't worry. Unworry.
And go you good thung."

(Full page ads in the Sunday papers contained the logo of a well known insurance company.)


Julie said...

On Saturday, Dad and I were down under the ANZAC Bridge checking out some of Glebe Island. The old White Bay floor mill silos had "Un" words written along the top of them. Quite baffled me at the time ... insurance company, eh!

Julie said...

flour mill ... oops ...

Michael O'Neill said...

I live under the shadow of the Anzac Bridge and have been watching the 'UN' campaign unfold over the past few weeks.

I have also been 'battling' with NRMA for eight months in order to receive payment for hire expenses incurred during an accident in January.

I was therefore 'unimpressed and largely uninspired' when I saw the NRMA logo appear as the owner of the campaign.

In my recent experience, NRMA have been 'uninterested' in helping me and entirely 'uncaring' about chasing what is owed and also in delivering effective customer service.

I wonder if NRMA plans to actually follow through with changes to their corporate culture in order to build some substance behind these new claims / aspirations. I suspect that the money that could have towards such improvements has been already spent on the most expensive piece of outdoor advertising real estate in Australia.






bitingmidge said...



Looks like a few people are unimpressed, but I unfrowned!


Sunshine Coast Daily - Australia

valeria said...

This insurance company has a VERY CLEVER pr agent!

Sally said...

Clever advertisign indeed! I think I prefer the "non commercial" James Valentine's "Nothing" session on 702 Friday afternoons, which I sometimes get to hear if I have a day off!