Tuesday, 9 September 2008

The Winner

This is one of the photos in the winning portfolio of the Canon/Australian Professional Photographer of the Year competition. The competition was won by Victorian photographer Mercury Megaloudis.

The exhibition was held in the foyer/shopping arcade of one of the big office blocks in the "big end of town". Although some of the portfolios were stunning the way they were exhibited was a disappointment, they were lost in and overshadowed by the vast space surrounding them.


Julie said...

Golly, some of his portfolio reminds me of images that have been digitally altered. I guess that is starting to be allowed under rules of creative expression. I like his use of sepia.

Lawstude said...

these are some remarkable images ann. congratulations to the winners. i also feel sorry if some entries are not fully appreciated for i do take some photos too and i want everyone to see it the way i do (although sadly, in most cases, they don't) lols. have a nice day ann.

Jilly said...

Adore that winning photograph and what a great idea to present it in sepia. I take a lot of dog pics for one of my blogs, so know it's not easy.